About Calèches Québec, the largest horse-drawn service provider and the only one to offer the Québec tramway.

Calèches Québec is Quebec City’s largest provider of horse-drawn transport services and the only one to offer tramway services.Since 2003, our company has provided a unique way of experiencing Quebec City and taking in its sights and scenery aboard a horse-drawn carriage, offering what is beyond doubt the most original way of getting around the city. Put your trust in our experienced team and discover the must-see attractions while immersing yourself in the wealth of architecture, art and heritage of a city steeped in history. Calèches Québec has everything it takes to turn each and every one of its tours into a truly unforgettable experience. Our carriage driver-guides are trained to adapt their commentary according to your interests and in the language of your choice.

Whether you prefer to discover the city through its history, culture, gastronomy or romantic nature, our guides are sure to satisfy your curiosity! Book your horse-drawn carriage tour today.

Our mission

We strive to provide the tourism industry in the Greater Quebec City Area with distinctive horse-drawn transport services while maintaining the highest quality standards, ensuring the utmost respect for horses and constantly seeking to improve the way we do things.

Our corporate values


At Calèches Québec, we believe that success hinges on respect and a high regard for our customers, horses and colleagues as well as our equipment.


In our quest for excellence, we all work together and act in a manner that fosters happiness for all involved, be it our clients, our horses or simple passers-by.


Professionalism is deeply embedded in our DNA. We pay great attention to the overall cleanliness of our facilities and we are constantly innovating in order to ensure our clientele always receives an impeccable service.

Team Spirit

The true meaning of team spirit is the ability to pool everyone’s individual strengths, while depending strongly on each other. In everything they do, each member of our team plays a part in meeting the challenges we have set for ourselves.