Old Quebec tours on a Carriage

Old Quebec tours

In Quebec, whether it's in the Historic District of Old Quebec, the Old Port district, the Gare du Palais or the quartier Saint-Roch, discover the rich history of our city aboard our coaches and trams.

Old Quebec on a Carriage...

While accompanied by your guide and magnicent horse, you will delight in discovering the many little hidden treasures and the great history of our Capital city.

We offer you a choice of three tours:

  1. La Découverte
  2. Le Montcalm
  3. Le Grand Tour

Our tours are provided in the comfort of carriages that comfortably accomodate up to 4 adult passengers. In the event of inclement weather guests are kept comfortable by a retractable canopy and warm cosy blankets.

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on a horse-drawn Tramway...

Drawn by a team of horses and inspired by those in service at the turn of the century, our tramways circulate on the beautiful streets of the Old Quebec District, including the Old Port located in the harbourfront of lower Québec City. An experimented driver and bilingual guide will take you on a lively promenade and will make you live a unique cultural experience.

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Our carriage and tramway services are equally available for:

Weddings, graduation parties, anniversary celebrations, office parties, christmas parties, etc.

*To be noted, and for your peace of mind, all of our carriage drivers and tour guides are bilingual. Some drivers and guides are versed in Spanish or other languages as well, just ask!